Election Day


Candidates should always earn more than 50% of the votes to win an election.

In 2020, Virginia passed legislation that allows town councils and boards of supervisors to adopt ranked-choice voting for local elections. Ranked Choice Voting can be used in any election with three or more candidates. It allows voters to rank how they would like their vote to be counted. This process ensures every vote counts and whoever wins, wins with a majority of the vote.

What does it mean:

As a councilmember, Jackie will:

Liaison with historically disenfranchised and underrepresented groups, such as people of color and women, are among those most likely to benefit from the adoption of ranked-choice voting


Support a charter amendment to elect certain offices by ranked-choice voting

Jackie's record:

  • Advocated locally, regionally, and at the state legislator for Senate Bill 1157 which moved local elections from May to November

  • Worked with FairVote Virginia to gain tools and information plan and execute rank choice voting in Norfolk