Since 2017, evictions have accounted for 94 percent of housing loss in Norfolk.


Modern Neighborhood

Norfolk has the ability to weave together different funding sources and regulations into a comprehensive and balanced local COVID-19 Housing Response Plan. Focusing on regulatory approaches is vital because pure housing production programs are not  keeping up with increased needs among underserved and renting families, domestic violence survivors and residents with disabilities. 

As a councilmember, Jackie will:

Increase renter protections by working to bring guaranteeing right to counsel in housing court and increasing our investment in tenant-landlord mediation

Collaborate with community members, for-profit and nonprofit developers and planning  to reshape inclusionary zoning policies

Work with other localities on a  growth management plan explicitly requires all jurisdictions in the region to meet multifamily housing targets as well as provide their fair share of affordable housing for the region while being mindful of the household growth projections for the region.

Invest in disability-forward housing policies and programs that work with the community to tackle barriers to affordable housing faced by people with disabilities because of the lack of accessibility or locations far from critical services.

Build local programs that maximize the potential of the earned income tax credit for working families by conducting outreach programs, supporting free tax preparation services, and helping families use the credit as a gateway to financial services and savings.​

Create programs that support economically-advancing families to find and keep jobs, build skills, and advance economically as a strategy for making housing more affordable.

Jackie's record:

  • Brought the right-to-counsel proposal to the City of Norfolk’s eviction mitigation team which would ensure that tenants who are facing the complex process of an eviction proceeding are guaranteed legal representation — giving tenants a fair chance to access legal protections and stay in their homes.

  • Worked with the City of Norfolk’s HUD Compliance Manager and Coronavirus Stimulus Coordinator to provide information to the community on Norfolk Redevelopment Housing Authority  (NRHA) COVID-19 Housing Costs Relief Program and Eviction resources

  • Eviction proceedings historically have been unfair and imbalanced. In the courts, the odds are stacked against tenants: 90 percent of landlords are represented by legal counsel in evictions, but fewer than 10 percent of tenants have representation. Jackie is working with the City of Norfolk, Virginia Poverty Law Center, Legal Aid, and Tidewater Tenants Rights to bring childcare, transportation, and housing court support into the courthouse. 

  • Supported several residents on improving their financial well-being and starting businesses as a means to obtain homeownership.