It’s our tax dollars and our quality of life, therefore, our participation is worth the investment.

When elected, it is my job to represent us in the policymaking process while ensuring equity. Part of that process is determining how public money is spent. Communities, developers, and local officials should all have vital information regarding proposed budgets. Empowering all parties to participate in the process is a matter of policy.

What does it mean:

As a councilmember, Jackie will:

Advocate for an annual city census of all residents 17 years of age or older as a means to increase voter participation, provide better City services and ensure that local resources are distributed equitably


Advocate for an investment in participatory budgeting model where the community decides how to spend part of the public budget through a steering committee, engagement plan and voting

Jackie's record:

  • Organized the “Oh My Dollar” workshop for Engage Norfolk in partnership with the City of Norfolk which taught residents how to engage with city and school budgets

  • Worked with the City of Norfolk’s HUD Compliance Manager and Coronavirus Stimulus Coordinator to provide information to the community on NRHA’s COVID-19 Housing Costs Relief Program and Eviction resources

  • Advocates as a community member and parent at school board and city budget sessions​

  • Ensured that the community was able to provide input on the largest economic development in the history of the city by galvanizing residents for a referendum. The efforts lead to two town halls and a change in the classification of the project