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Cleaning the Hallways


It’s our right to access adequate information regarding projects cost and benefits as well as determine whether the common good is served. 

Open and transparent governance allows for public debate on critical economic decisions and equitable and inclusive economic development for public investment. Residents should be able to ensure that developments in the City of Norfolk will allow them to provide for their own and their family’s basic needs.

As a councilmember, Jackie will:

Advocate for an online detailed database of commitments and outcomes for almost every subsidized project in the city as well as providing information on whether or not health insurance is provided, permanent and temporary job requirements and outcomes, and annual employment targets

Recommend that the city requires all proposed development subsidies over $1 million to be subject to approval by public referenda. Also, all grants, tax concessions or tax relief, authorizations of debt or debt instruments by the city to support the project, and the granting of below-market sale of city-owned land over $1 million will trigger a public referendum. Overall, this means projects could face a public vote before receiving approval for financing


Work toward the creation of a disclosure and compliance online annual checkup database that provides development recipient names, project locations, approved subsidies, and current levels of payments. Also, the database should information on project agreements, final compliance reports, and annual independent third-party audits of each recipient company’s compliance, which report actual jobs created, wages paid, investment level, and subsidy terms


Advocate for a public disclosure requirement of economic development to disclose:

  • the number and type of jobs that will be created

  • a workforce plan disclosing company use of staffing agencies

  • whether the project will use apprentices from training programs certified by the U.S. Department of Labor

  • whether the company has had any safety or wage and hour violations in the past seven years

Jackie's record:

  • Ensured that the community was able to provide input on the largest economic development in the history of the city by galvanizing residents for a referendum. The efforts lead to two town halls and a change in the classification of the project. 

  • Advocated for the city’s largest economic developer, the casino project, to outline equity in jobs plans for local and minoritized people​

  • Fought for transparency and process improvement in economic development