Childcare is more a human service and economic and community development asset.


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Prior to the pandemic, the quality child care industry in the City of Norfolk was already in crisis. The lack of a care infrastructure, including high child care costs and child care deserts, is crippling women and families in our city. Since March 2020, as many as 2 out of 5 child care providers indicated they will go out of business without financial support. It is still unknown how many childcare spaces we will lose, which would devastate working parents as they return to their workplaces. 

As a councilmember, Jackie will:

Support access to quality and affordable childcare by: removing barriers to care within communities, investing in the growth of current childcare facilities and incentivizing child care options outside of traditional business hours.

Work with the city departments and leadership to approve the childcare entrepreneurship project submitted to the council as my United State of Women ambassador project. 


Work toward establishing a pathway to grow and scale existing child and home health care businesses through grants and business development courses.


Support a child development home model pathway and resource development as means of community and economic development.


Focus on expanding seats for infants, voucher-eligible children, and families who need childcare outside of traditional business hours.

Jackie's record:

  • Submitted a proposal and framework for the childcare entrepreneurship pilot program to the City of Norfolk. This proposal views childcare as a form of economic and community development.

  • Established Homework House, an after-school program supplying educational support, devices and love, for local youth whose caretakers either worked or needed a helping hand. 

  • Serve as a community bridge for women and families to quality childcare

  • Created a mother’s and mother women civic group in which Jackie liaised with educators,  attended IEP and disciplinary meetings, and parent-teacher conferences on behalf of mothers in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.